An Exchange

“How can I help you, ma’am?”, he asked the lady who was looking around with penetrating eyes.

“I’m not your regular customer. I’m here for ‘BID fareWELL Exchange” and he perceived from her meaningful tone that she ‘knew’.

He escorted her into the backend of the store into a dark room.

“It comes with a price. And it is not a bargain in terms of this world, girlie. Do you accept what might come?” said a voice from the dark.

With a nod of her head, she sealed the exchange.

One more day with him before he disappears where the dead go. .

As she exited, she danced for him again- the last time, she ever did.Image

Inspired by the photo prompt from Friday Fictioneers


22 thoughts on “An Exchange

  1. I think I want to know more Pilgrim. You leave a lot unanswered. Then again you could argue the success of your piece in having me write my first sentence. Leaving us wanting more is a great skill. Well done.

  2. Wow – my exchange gives them a 2nd chance at life and yours does too – in a different way, great read. The balloons on your page made that last dance even more of a celebration!

  3. Sounds like the classic deal with the devil, not a good choice to me. In your story, it’s up to the reader to decide why she made that bargain. You added intrigue by leaving so much to the imagination. The whole thing reminds me of a study I read about years ago, where athletes were asked whether they would take a pill that could make them the best in the world at their sport but would kill them in five years. Disturbingly, to me, at least, most said they would.


    • Does it mean so many athletes put career before family? or desire to leave a mark on the world..ambition is always a powerful factor, I suppose! If I get a day with a loved one to say my goodbyes before Death snatches them away, I think I would take it!

      • Good question. I don’t recall. It could be a combination of both. As for one more day with a loved one, it would depend what I had to trade for it. There are costs that could be too high.

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