An Exchange

“How can I help you, ma’am?”, he asked the lady who was looking around with penetrating eyes.

“I’m not your regular customer. I’m here for ‘BID fareWELL Exchange” and he perceived from her meaningful tone that she ‘knew’.

He escorted her into the backend of the store into a dark room.

“It comes with a price. And it is not a bargain in terms of this world, girlie. Do you accept what might come?” said a voice from the dark.

With a nod of her head, she sealed the exchange.

One more day with him before he disappears where the dead go. .

As she exited, she danced for him again- the last time, she ever did.Image

Inspired by the photo prompt from Friday Fictioneers

Trials of Love

I bear a wounded heart with a gaping hole

As you left, breaking what was once whole

Where love crawled in, as you cajoled

Now, drowned in tears as I console

With distance, I nurse my ailing heart

But in dreams, you make it hard to be apart

Seeing you makes it impossible to depart

For you make life seem like a work of art

Time might heal my empty chest

For now, though I am depressed

You have shown me love at its best

And next time, I will welcome it with zest.


Daily Prompt: Far from Home

Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home.

For me, that would be when I attend college and feel the distance…

When you’re in a crowd, surrounded by faces and yet alone.

When you’re amidst people who hear you but never listen to you.

When you have nowhere to run, seek solitude and allow the voices in your head to be soothed by silence.

When help is needed at home but you are bound to the place and cannot lend a hand.

When you want comfort from home but you fear telling them because it would worry them.

When you want the warmth of a hug and not just the three words to make the pain go away.

When you are hurting and no one sees it in your eyes or in your silence.

When you are tired of fending for yourself and you need those loving arms to shield you from the world in an embrace.

When you’re appetite is diminished and taste buds worn out and you taste the ingredients but it’s not even close to the broth made at home.

When you’re sick.

When it’s festival season and you are the only one missing from the family photographs.

When you’re day is so packed that you don’t even have a moment to listen to the voices back home say ‘I love you’.

When you’re lost and the only way you will find your way back is home.

Awkward Situation

Daily Prompt: Keep Out

Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?

Blogging is one space where I can vent and not hurt her. I can’t talk to my friends for fear of reaching her ears nor my brother who is so tired of it, he gives me one disappointed look and tells me to get over it. Easier said than done.

Well, the sob story is that I have now liked him for a year. Asked him out and he said no. We became close friends- during the entire time of which I had more feelings for him than my other friends could guess. I keep evading the issue as well and started hanging out a lot with this guy other leading my friends and the original guy( say M, for simplicity) to believe I was over M. But when we separated for summer vacation is when I realized I’m in love with him.

Well, too bad for me because now, my best friend is dating him. And that just makes it harder. I thought when he leaves college everything would settle and I had to make it through just four months. But now my best friend, A is involved and if she finds out, she would be hurt. I can’t speak to M normally anymore. The group dynamics is all ruined and I fear times when we need to hang together. But I know that A should never find out because she would feel guilty and she shouldn’t. She can never find out about this blog. She is happy with him and I don’t want to be the one to take that away.

I’m trying hard to get over him. And sometimes I think I have. But other times when I’m watching a rom-com or reading Jane Eyre again, I think of him. I write about love and his thoughts fill my broken heart. So when I do think of him, I want this space to vent knowing that I won’t hurt her.

I know I shouldn’t be angry with M, but that’s a stage in getting over him I suppose. I think about him and am filled with resentment for liking him and hate for complicating things for me. And then there’s A, who I adore and she is happy after so many disappointing relationships.

Sorry, folks-this one has been all me, me, me. It is no life or death if A finds out and no CIA or gangsters involved. But I feel free her knowing she wouldn’t read any of this. I don’t feel wicked for talking about my feelings.

For now, I’m going to forget all of this and distract myself with how hot Jesse Spencer is in House. Cheers!

Daily Prompt: Rolling StoneIf you could live a nomadic

Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone

If you could live a nomadic life, would you? Where would you go? How would you decide? What would life be like without a “home base”?

I just finished reading ‘The Alchemist’ and I wouldn’t run away from the idea of such an adventurous life. I can’t watch the stars sitting from the bed near my window in this apartment home. I can’t see Nature which makes my heart stop for a moment except on television. 

I love vacations in the hills, watching the sunrise from behind the mountains, breathing in air  which feels so pure and feeling alive. I don’t want it to be just vacations when I get to see all the majestic creations of the world. 

I want to follow omens, talk to the wind and find myself- dream under the stars, eat to nourish my body instead of conquering boredom, not having to worry about gym timings to get exercise and discover love on the way.

Stamp of Rejection- 3 word challenge

He came into my life without warning

Not like a mild breeze

But a swirling maelstrom

Laughter ensued, his jokes never ceased


Creative genius was he-writer and more

Intelligence unmeasured- a quick take on all

Debates and discussions- he made me feel alive

For him, I knew I would fall


From acquaintance we grew into more

In a mere matter of days

Bonds strengthened by differences

Relationship fortified with unbounded pace.


Fall in love, he did

With romantic gestures, made special

Enchanting my best friend into his arms

Leaving me with my renewing love


Happy for them, I must be

Two of my friends, deeply in love

Rejoice for their happiness, I must

But ever the question- Will we be more?