In the darkness

The stillness of the night

Quietly roars awake the sleeping giant.

The emptiness of the light

Revealing nothing of the past or future

Leads It with the senses pliant

Straight into the warmth of the lover’s touch.

The comfort of the caresses distract.

The sweetness of embrace amuse.

And the smell of love lingers softly.

But in the shadows, discover thus the creature

The darkness of the lover lost

The sickness of a pleasure too much

And the void of the abstract.

Emptiness takes over dreams

Distress shields the way

And the heart turns to clay.

But at last, the night does close

The darkness slowly fades

As the break of day does manifest

A giant unscathed by the blows.

Ode to the morning elixir

When the first rays of the sun strike

Nature beams awake from slumber unlike

One inconsistent creature of its Creation.

Numb from poisons of the night’s past

The early morning tenderness of my bed can never be surpassed.

Intruded, but, by one cunning mistress of my dreams.

Tugging with the buzzing of the heating boiler

My hope-bringer, my life-giver, my enabler

Breaks the lock of intimacy with my languor.

First sip like the breath of air to the oxygen deprived

Sip again for the enthusiasm to greet the day which has arrived

And the sound of every other sip marks more vitality revived.

This solemn ritual marks the first step of the day

And carries one forth at least halfway.




What love does

Being in love is not a bed of roses. It shatters the walls of your mind, forces cracks into your very being and when love walks out of the doors, you are left quite alone staring at the wreck that was once ‘you’. Your thinking is altered, you feel old and weary with cobwebs in the corners of your mind. But this is only until you learn to open up and let love in again.

For when love crawls in, its fresh as the blades of grass dancing in the summer wind. You let love in and hope.

Hope that it cleans up the damage.

But most of all, hope that it decides to stay.


My first attempt at a Light and Shade Challenge and hope this will help me pick up writing where I left it off when Trifecta wrapped up.

Chasing after butterflies

I think what gives us strength is,friends,work as our defines us and keeps us grounded. But often we forget how non-permanent these are. The moment you clasp onto something and begin to believe that it would last, it slips out of your fingers. So I get quite sentimental as I write the last piece for Trifecta– it made me a writer but most of all, made me believe I am a writer.

So the last challenge is this:

For the final challenge here at Trifecta, we considered some flash and dazzle, a wild prompt to send us off with a bang.  What we realized was the most achingly beautiful, haunting and dazzling words we’ve read from our brilliant community have been the ones you chose when you were given the freedom to write with abandon.  So we’re lovingly, and eagerly, placing the choice in your hands.  There’s no topic, no word, just a free write. Go anywhere your mind wants to travel.  Take us there too.  Just make it count, leave your blood all over this page.  Thirty-three words exactly.  Of course.  We couldn’t end it any other way. 


dazzling in the sunlight

born from a fight


We change and adapt

Adjust and make room for metamorphosis

fragile and delicate


But when you hold onto it

It turns lifeless.


Welcoming in 2014

I realised I have been MIA for a while now! I have been waiting for the perfect time to write- the perfect words to say the perfect things and after months of dilly-dallying, I realised there is no ‘perfect’.

And with everyone sleeping at home before the clock has struck 12, there is no better way I want to share my excitement of welcoming in the New Year than writing to you, my dear readers!

I firstly want to thank all my kind and thoughtful readers for putting up with all my ranting, my mood swings and always having supportive messages even when you were reading about the same problem in different words for the millionth time!

It feels like 2013 was a long and turbulent voyage- one I am glad to have crossed over and it has changed my perceptions about a good many things- love, friendship,success and made me question my own moral code. But I know that I stand here- on the other side, a lot stronger than ever before for having gone through them. So no regrets- atleast I tell myself that because there is no other way to forget what you have lost! I accept that whatever has happened, has happened for the best! 

I lost a friend but I made some amazing friends whom I know will stick by me. This also made me cherish the friends I got. I slipped on account of academics but this has given me single-minded focus to do better in the upcoming semester. But the biggest slip has been my utter and horrid experiences with love- which has made me resolve not to go about looking for it and it will happen if it must!

As 2014 dawns upon us, I stand here as a determined individual to make the best out of it. Every moment, I resolve to push myself- to be better at every activity I chose to perform and above all,a better person- making conscious decisions to do better. It brings about a lot of change if there’s a small voice at the back of your head constantly asking ‘Are you doing your best?’ and that little voice is fine tuned and geared up to 2014!

Bright and Shiny

She never showed her weak side-she was too afraid of losing him. He loved her because he had fun hanging out with her. The jokes never ceased,  every issue that came up in the conversation was passed off in light-hearted humor and though what began as one casual date became more-atleast for her.

But when daylight disappeared and she started falling for him, she could not show it- he was not up for it and she had to keep these emotions hidden under a blanket of more jokes and laughter. She had to be the ‘fun’ person to go to, always lit up even when all she wanted was darkness to hide the tears.


Written for picture prompt of Friday Fictioneers.


I cannot love anyone else because all my love was used on you. I have a shadow of you in my head which I cannot match.

And you?

You date my best friend.


Katherine Paterson, author of Bridge to Terabithia, wrote, “It’s like the smarter you are, the more things can scare you.” 

Trifecta Writing Challenge:

Write a 33 word explanation of what scares you.

Growing Up

“What about greatness? What about changing the world?”

“It’s far-fetched baby! Do what your good at!”

“You raised me teaching me to aim for excellence. Now you want me to settle?”

“You are not settling! What you are trying to do is drop everything and run with closed eyes!”

She looked at the man who taught her to dream with confused eyes.

She wanted to stir up debates, challenge old prejudices and work towards an instauration of knowledge. “Life is no fun if you live safe”, she thought as she walked out of the job recruitment cell, settling the conflict.


Trifecta Writing Challenge

To write 99 words using a any word from page 99 of Oxford English Dictionary.