What love does

Being in love is not a bed of roses. It shatters the walls of your mind, forces cracks into your very being and when love walks out of the doors, you are left quite alone staring at the wreck that was once ‘you’. Your thinking is altered, you feel old and weary with cobwebs in the corners of your mind. But this is only until you learn to open up and let love in again.

For when love crawls in, its fresh as the blades of grass dancing in the summer wind. You let love in and hope.

Hope that it cleans up the damage.

But most of all, hope that it decides to stay.


My first attempt at a Light and Shade Challenge and hope this will help me pick up writing where I left it off when Trifecta wrapped up.

7 thoughts on “What love does

  1. Wonderful response to the prompt – I love the extended image you used, and the hope and longing of it all. Welcome to Light and Shade Challenge – I really hope you’ll stay around

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