A Release


Death knocked on his door


“It is Time”


Smile easing his tired look


Escaping into the glorious light


Leaving shadows behinds


Shadows which haunt us instead.


Written for Trifecta Weekend Challenge

ImagePhoto Credits:  [ changó ] / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND



In the arms of an Angel

Whose touch would calm my thoughts and settle the ripples on the lake of my mind.

Whom I can trust and fall backwards because he will catch me.

Who makes me slow down in the race of life and enjoy the breath of life.

Whose smile calms my tired heart and lights up the dark corners of my mind.

Whose hand enclosed in mine extinguishes the fear of pain and suffering.

Whose flight helps me find my wings and lift off.

Whose glance peers into the depths of my soul and listens to me without words.

The song Angel by Sarah McLachlan inspired me to write this.

A Case of No Evidence

The first time she laid eyes on him, she was wearing black. He was in black attire as well and so were thirty other guests who had gathered there that dreary, cold morning. It almost seemed as if their sighs and tears had invited the mists and rain clouds to the ceremony. As their eyes locked across the casket of her mother, the instant spark of connection spread warmth throughout their bodies, nullifying the frigidity in the air. Even as her sister sobbed uncontrollably while their mother was being returned to Earth: dust to dust and ashes to ashes- her sight never stopped caressing his face. Those who were too restless for the insipid affair to end so that they could get back home to warm couches and hot coffees looked around aimlessly. If their eyes rested on her, they assumed she was too stunned to cry over her mother as yet. Never could anyone have fathomed what was running through her mind.

The next morning, she sat pondering over how to get in touch with him. She was convinced that he was ‘The One’. Thanks to her numerous aunts and uncles who had banded later on to console the two sisters who were now orphaned, she had never gotten a chance to even get to know his name. She dialed neighbors and relatives who had attended the funeral to collect details about him. But all her efforts were in vain. So there seems only one way, she thought with a little shiver running down her slender back.

And they met once more. Two days later and in black once more.

His finger grazed her face gently as he whispered, “What happened to your sister is a tragic accident. I’m very sorry about it. But I’m not sorry to have met you once more”.

“Me too”, she said with a small curve of her lips.


Written for Trifecta Writing Challenge

BAND (verb)- use the third definition of the word

1: to affix a band to or tie up with a band

2: to finish or decorate with a band

3: to gather together : unite 

“I carry your h…

“I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)I am never without it (anywhere
I go you go,my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing,my darling)
I fear no fate (for you are my fate,my sweet)I want no world (for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)”
― E.E. Cummings

Trials of Love

I bear a wounded heart with a gaping hole

As you left, breaking what was once whole

Where love crawled in, as you cajoled

Now, drowned in tears as I console

With distance, I nurse my ailing heart

But in dreams, you make it hard to be apart

Seeing you makes it impossible to depart

For you make life seem like a work of art

Time might heal my empty chest

For now, though I am depressed

You have shown me love at its best

And next time, I will welcome it with zest.

The Nerd Talks..

Daily Prompt: Back to School

If you could take a break from your life and go back to school to master a subject, what would it be?


I don’t want to take a break from life to go back to school because I love the academic world. I want to be in school, young and forever. Though I don’t enjoy the subjects I’m currently studying, I can’t wait to get back to college and start studying. I love filling my brain with facts and essays, cutting them down, absorbing the essence of it and attempting an examination to see how well I fare. So I can’t wait for the summer vacation to close in two weeks and get back to college where I can attend dull 8 am lectures, write assignments which I feel no connection to and sit in labs where we hook various wires to circuits.

But as I was re-reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone for the nth time to relive my childhood, I was thinking about blogging about the perfect school much like Hogwards where you study Transfiguration, Defence against the Dark Arts, Potions, Charms and Herbology and this is the perfect opportunity for doing so.

The school you see, is as important as the subjects themselves. The University should ample walks among trees for strolls with your best best when you’re having emotional crises, dorm rooms for gossip sessions, huge libraries where we can group study and preferably all this in a castle which will evoke the imagination.

As for the subjects themselves, I think my dream course would be one where I can study the following:

Creative Writing and English Literature- reading novels for an examination seems so surreal as opposed to cramming from textbooks

Hindu and Buddhist Philosophy

History particularly of Egypt and Indus Civilization

Mathematics- because when I’m stressed, working out mathematical problems methodically is very liberating.

But the best moments in college are those long walks with friends discussing everything under the Sun, the coffee breaks we take the night before the test, the joy of doing well on a test for which you have worked very hard and the safety in knowing exactly how long these pleasures will last.

All about the money

She reveled in the mirror and wondered how white can make every woman look dazzling. She admired the flowers, her jewelry but she knew she was doing all this to avoid the issue.

“I love him”, she chanted mentally as if that would remove her doubts.

“You have been together for four years. It’s time to settle down”, her mother had reminded her eldest daughter.

It’s his fault for not knowing that you can’t put a saddle on a wild horse.

She ran, leaving behind a man at the altar for the third time, robbed and thieved.

Prompt word from Velvet Verbosity is wild horse


My beautiful friend

Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need

Finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…”

My closest friend makes me a better person for she is always honest. She never tells me things just to make me feel better. She tells me what is right when my sense of judgement is impaired. She made me write. She is always understanding and what I value in her most is that she doesn’t take my side just because she is my friend. She takes the side of what is right and if I’m on that side of it, she pulls me over as well. She thinks she isn’t attractive but she is the most beautiful person I have ever known. This is to my closest friend :

She has a mind of her own

Much like an effervescent stream

Gushing and chattering with wit

Flushing and cascading with excitement to live

Spewing and spouting optimism

And above all,

Emanating love and warmth

Physical attractiveness she needs not

For when she walks in

She walks in with a mind of her own!

Wishes and Prayers

Rolling on the bed of clouds and making himself more comfortable, he blew into the air above and tasted the snowflakes as the frozen air dropped slowly.

“Stop it”, she reprimanded.

“Stop acting like my mom”, he retorted.

“Talking of her reminds me- it’s time we attend to Roger’s wish”.

“It’s only been two years. We can’t go around fulfilling ten year old’s wishes so quickly, lest they take it for granted”.

She gave him a nudge in the back and with a sharp  look, they swooped down towards Earth.

Those who glanced up at the sky at that moment could have seen a streak of sunshine kissing the land below.

Written for Friday Fictioneers :

The challenge is to write a 100 word story based on the picture prompt.Image


When I felt happy beyond measure

I came to believe you were a treasure

You held me like an oyster

And found that elegant pearl within.

My eyes worshiped you

But you had your sights set beyond

To give a helping hand-you were first

But never to hold my hand.

Quietly, I have loved you

Even when you drifted away

Even with another as you swayed

Tears washed out some pain

From my love, there seemed nothing to gain

With another glance of you

A word of acknowledgement

My heart ruled out that voice

Of rationality.

Time and space

Between us, I did place

But with every heartbeat

I heard your name

When I felt love and hate

You were there because you did create.

On happy days my head sings

‘He’s not the one’

But on the rest, my heart weeps

What if? What if?