Welcoming in 2014

I realised I have been MIA for a while now! I have been waiting for the perfect time to write- the perfect words to say the perfect things and after months of dilly-dallying, I realised there is no ‘perfect’.

And with everyone sleeping at home before the clock has struck 12, there is no better way I want to share my excitement of welcoming in the New Year than writing to you, my dear readers!

I firstly want to thank all my kind and thoughtful readers for putting up with all my ranting, my mood swings and always having supportive messages even when you were reading about the same problem in different words for the millionth time!

It feels like 2013 was a long and turbulent voyage- one I am glad to have crossed over and it has changed my perceptions about a good many things- love, friendship,success and made me question my own moral code. But I know that I stand here- on the other side, a lot stronger than ever before for having gone through them. So no regrets- atleast I tell myself that because there is no other way to forget what you have lost! I accept that whatever has happened, has happened for the best! 

I lost a friend but I made some amazing friends whom I know will stick by me. This also made me cherish the friends I got. I slipped on account of academics but this has given me single-minded focus to do better in the upcoming semester. But the biggest slip has been my utter and horrid experiences with love- which has made me resolve not to go about looking for it and it will happen if it must!

As 2014 dawns upon us, I stand here as a determined individual to make the best out of it. Every moment, I resolve to push myself- to be better at every activity I chose to perform and above all,a better person- making conscious decisions to do better. It brings about a lot of change if there’s a small voice at the back of your head constantly asking ‘Are you doing your best?’ and that little voice is fine tuned and geared up to 2014!

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