Faith vs Logic

“See, that’s the problem with giving up religion and taking up logic. You HAVE to follow through. You can’t read one thousand(s) year old book and claim to know the world. “

Some things can’t be experimented on to derive answers.  So when people who have seen truth for themselves talk about it, you believe their theories. And I won’t ask them for proof just as I won’t ask Einstein for proof of his hypothesis.”

“There’s no point. If you don’t take the effort to open your eyes yourself, there’s no point in trying to shine the light in front of you.”

“Interesting how you think I’m the one who’s being naive here. People who ‘believe’ think the ones on the other side are deluded. “

“I treat anyone who takes un-falsifiable claims as the truth as naive”

“Well, we just have to agree to let each other be on different sides and see what works and I hate snobs”

“To quote M. Ali: It isn’t bragging if you can back it up. It isn’t being a snob if you’re right. “

“Quotes are always very pretty- but it doesn’t make you right unless you have all the answers”

“Bollocks. You are right if yours is the only theory which is supported by facts. Sure, you could be proven wrong in the future but when all the competing ‘theories’ (read God, rebirth, saints, etc.) have not even a shred of evidence supporting them, you can be 99% sure you are on the right path. “

“Well, I can’t help it if your nature is to disbelieve in the goodness of people so much that you can’t even have faith in their words- saints are not lying when they say they have seen the truth. And I know that the weak hypothesis your logic gloats of doesn’t have the answers. Else they wouldn’t be still looking.”

“Take a break and go to bed, shall we?”

“Sure. Goodnight”

Written for Trifecta Writing Challenge

Weekly prompt: WEAK- not factually grounded or logically presented  


11 thoughts on “Faith vs Logic

  1. That’s an interesting conclusion to come to Pilgrim.
    You are right they would not be looking if they knew the answers. Intriguing logic.

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