A Case of No Evidence

The first time she laid eyes on him, she was wearing black. He was in black attire as well and so were thirty other guests who had gathered there that dreary, cold morning. It almost seemed as if their sighs and tears had invited the mists and rain clouds to the ceremony. As their eyes locked across the casket of her mother, the instant spark of connection spread warmth throughout their bodies, nullifying the frigidity in the air. Even as her sister sobbed uncontrollably while their mother was being returned to Earth: dust to dust and ashes to ashes- her sight never stopped caressing his face. Those who were too restless for the insipid affair to end so that they could get back home to warm couches and hot coffees looked around aimlessly. If their eyes rested on her, they assumed she was too stunned to cry over her mother as yet. Never could anyone have fathomed what was running through her mind.

The next morning, she sat pondering over how to get in touch with him. She was convinced that he was ‘The One’. Thanks to her numerous aunts and uncles who had banded later on to console the two sisters who were now orphaned, she had never gotten a chance to even get to know his name. She dialed neighbors and relatives who had attended the funeral to collect details about him. But all her efforts were in vain. So there seems only one way, she thought with a little shiver running down her slender back.

And they met once more. Two days later and in black once more.

His finger grazed her face gently as he whispered, “What happened to your sister is a tragic accident. I’m very sorry about it. But I’m not sorry to have met you once more”.

“Me too”, she said with a small curve of her lips.


Written for Trifecta Writing Challenge

BAND (verb)- use the third definition of the word

1: to affix a band to or tie up with a band

2: to finish or decorate with a band

3: to gather together : unite 


10 thoughts on “A Case of No Evidence

  1. One can only hope that the man has the sense to run from this woman with all the strength, speed and grace he has to muster. Nasty woman, she! Thanks for linking up this week.

  2. This was a riddle I heard recently.. About a woman who kills her sister to meet the stranger at her mother’s funeral. It put chills down my back then.. And again. With you filling in the story, plumping it up and giving it back it is even more chilling.

    Nicely written, thanks for linking up this week with us.

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