All about the money

She reveled in the mirror and wondered how white can make every woman look dazzling. She admired the flowers, her jewelry but she knew she was doing all this to avoid the issue.

“I love him”, she chanted mentally as if that would remove her doubts.

“You have been together for four years. It’s time to settle down”, her mother had reminded her eldest daughter.

It’s his fault for not knowing that you can’t put a saddle on a wild horse.

She ran, leaving behind a man at the altar for the third time, robbed and thieved.

Prompt word from Velvet Verbosity is wild horse



3 thoughts on “All about the money

  1. I think that’s a valid reason for rejecting marriage, he can’t saddle a horse I mean what use would he be? Doubts can lead to huge resentment later.

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