Daily Prompt: Far from Home

Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home.

For me, that would be when I attend college and feel the distance…

When you’re in a crowd, surrounded by faces and yet alone.

When you’re amidst people who hear you but never listen to you.

When you have nowhere to run, seek solitude and allow the voices in your head to be soothed by silence.

When help is needed at home but you are bound to the place and cannot lend a hand.

When you want comfort from home but you fear telling them because it would worry them.

When you want the warmth of a hug and not just the three words to make the pain go away.

When you are hurting and no one sees it in your eyes or in your silence.

When you are tired of fending for yourself and you need those loving arms to shield you from the world in an embrace.

When you’re appetite is diminished and taste buds worn out and you taste the ingredients but it’s not even close to the broth made at home.

When you’re sick.

When it’s festival season and you are the only one missing from the family photographs.

When you’re day is so packed that you don’t even have a moment to listen to the voices back home say ‘I love you’.

When you’re lost and the only way you will find your way back is home.

5 thoughts on “Distance

  1. I have always missed the aroma of the food… The streets and the ground where I used to play…. The elderly shop-lady and her shaking hands…
    The quite and cozy comfort of my bed and the caring pats from my mother on my back, Teachers who fueled me with knowledge and guided me in my despair. The silent nights and the cold air. My dogs and their stupid tails. I even miss the scoldings from my dad. And the fights we brother used to have. I miss you all and I promise I will be back.

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