The Little Ups and Downs

Carpe Diem haiku prompt for today is Fortitude. It is quite a heavy word with grandiose meanings. Sacrifice and courage. Soldiers protecting our boundaries, police ensuring our safety, fire fighters and men who plunge into danger to live up to greater ideals.

But fortitude is also about being patient when life gets a little uncomfortable- being mature and understanding even during those small trials which are sometimes so trying. Misunderstandings with family, quarrels with friends and maybe even illnesses. It’s about putting others before oneself and knowing that this too shall pass.

So here is my haiku finally:

Groggy eyes, cough,sneeze

Plaster a smile- save some lives

Soup and Bed- on hold


aichooo! Can’t wait to get off work and snuggle into my bed. 


6 thoughts on “The Little Ups and Downs

    • Thank You! I hope I didn’t trivialize the subject. I was merely attempting to say that overcoming minor discomforts requires a lot of patience. It is quite easy to snap when one is ill. But overcoming that is fortitude.

    • I’m laughing at myself and I detect a lot of sarcasm in your words. But as I was writing, I knew it didn’t come out right. What I was trying to say was- not to feel cranky when something bad happens to you but instead go on performing your responsibilities. And I din’t mean to refer to something trivial- a sick parent who goes to a work he doesn’t enjoy, knowing it provides for his family or someone who hides her illness so that she can perform her job without it being affected by sympathy are also heroes!

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