Choices- 3 word challenge 20130622: day 173

Shivering cold night

As the snow fell slow

In the park away from the city light

She sat with choices aloft


Misery she had seen and felt

Sorrow encroaching into every place

Knowing not the world’s ways, she knelt

Answers she had to chase


So leaving behind her old ways

This is where she sat

Doubt shaded her face

There was still time to turn back.

Well, as you can clearly see, my dear reader, I’m still struggling with the nuances of poetry. I tried following the abab rhyme scheme and as I reread it, I saw that it quite didn’t fit. One of my friends always insisted that I shouldn’t force the rhyme scheme in but rather simply write from the heart and allow it to fall into place.

Well, today I was going through upheavals I wished to sort out but never got enough ‘alone’ time to pen them down and hence this in-comprehensive poem. I have too much swarming in the depths of my grey matter. Well, to begin with- I was attacked this morning by distressing images of the pilgrims caught in Kedarnath region which is being bashed with torrential rains, landslides, floods and the force of the Himalayas showing its true colors. For those unfamiliar with this, there are three holy temples in the Himalayas which Hindus pilgrims visit and for the first time ( not really sure if it is, but in my  20 years on this planet- first I have heard of something this destructive happening in those mountain ranges), the rains are claiming lives of people who probably trekked to those temples praying for long lives and prosperity. It seems quite cruel to take the lives of people who are seeking you with love and devotion. I am angry with God. The army has been pressed into service but the rains have begun again. An entire river has changed its course causing massive destruction along its path. Boulders rolling down from the peaks are adding to the count of dead bodies. Where is the God whom those pilgrims went in search of? I feel helpless as I sit here writing about my fellow people stranded in those mountains and they say, the only thing you can do is wait and pray to God. Well, guess what? I don’t want to pray to God.





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