Letting Go is not supposed to be this hard!!

So it turned out to be an entire day watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. There is something very heart-warming about that TV show isn’t it?- that is very ambiguously put. It’s like home. When you need company or a good laugh and to forget your worries. For a friend of mine who stays in a single room in college, the show is always running in the background so that she doesn’t feel lonely. 

So I’m on season 10 and when Chandler and Monica announce that they are planning on buying a house in Westchester, memories of the times, all of spent together come flooding in. One especially of Rachel moving in, when Chandler and Monica become a couple really got me thinking how hard letting go really is and I ended up weeping self-pitying tears for myself. 

We are four best friends in college and unfortunately one of them is a senior who will leave by the end of this year. We will have a year to work our way through without his companionship. Even a summer break without them is so miserable. Even if you have fun during the day, you feel there is a void and end up thinking about them. And to top it, you feel guilty for not loving your family enough in order to forget your friends.

Getting back to the more entertaining TV show, to convince Phoebe to take Rachel as her roomie, Monica admits how sweet Rachel can really be.

“She gets tons of catalogs and fold pages she thinks I would like”

“When I take a shower, she leaves me notes on the mirror”

“When I fall asleep on the couch after reading, she covers me with a blanket”

M, our friend always knew if something was wrong. When one of us was really quiet the entire day, he took her for a spin on his bike and wouldn’t stop till she confessed what was upsetting her. And gentlest reader, let me assure you he makes the best tea to console you if you cant stop crying, nay wailing after watching ‘Life is Beautiful’. 

I thought, with time, it gets easier growing acquainted with separation. It’s just a mere 3 month break and we will be seeing each other in a couple of  months but even after, having said that, it’s a feeling I can’t digest. It simply keeps resurfacing and little things keep reminding me of them and makes me wonder how my friends would react to a situation or joke I come across. 

But I know it’s this hard because of how much I care about them and I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world. Because I feel so alive when I’m with them and nothing has ever made me feel this way.

Also come to think about it, when Rachel moved out, it marked the advent of Monica’s relationship with Chandler. So people we love might be carried away by different waves but tides will bring more new ones our way. Maybe even better relationships!

So to all those out there whose best friends are moving away, don’t fret because good times will never end as long as we don’t let them!


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